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Blockchain based Accelerator Platform

Intelegain developed an all-inclusive platform for entrepreneurs to realize their start-ups ideas into successful business ventures

The holistic platform enabled entrepreneur-hopefuls to confirm start-up ideas through discussion, meet potential investors to get seed funding and find competent talent via integrated recruitment portal.

To capitalize all projects, the platform included multiple funding sources- all based on cryptocurrencies run on blockchain technology. The project brought all three profiles of the ‘creator’, ‘backer’ and the ‘employee’ together seamlessly.

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Health Fitness tracking App

Intelegain developed a healthy lifestyle web application targeting health conscious people to track their habits assisted by registered nutritionists, pathologists and health coaches in order to ultimately lower the risk of lifestyle disorders

The application is both for Android and iOS users and is equipped with several charts that help the user manage their overall health- like weight, sugar, heart rate, blood pressure etc. User is also equipped with individual meal charts, lifestyle plans, nutrition plans as per their condition.

The application also facilitates chat messaging which allows user to talk with the community as well as health-professionals.

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Automobile Comparison Platform

Intelegain created a comparison search box for a leading automotive news and reviews publication’s website

The search comparison API gives users the ability to compare different cars by three parameters, i.e. by their make, model and car variants.

Intelegain also created a navigation search box, a sponsored content display and developed the Content Management System for the website.

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Online Shopping Electronics Store

Intelegain developed a multi-store e-commerce website targeting IT components and auxiliary computer products

The web application was targeted to both B2B and B2C customers and was designed by intelegain giving it an efficient, simple and clean UI design

The web app also integrated processes like order management, product management, user management, store management and warehouse management etc. It also incorporated a customized web portal that allow users to customize their PC.

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Channel Manager for Hotels

Intelegain’s team developed a Channel Manager [ for hotels]. This solution includes Property Management System (PMS), which enables hotels (big and small) to maintain their multiple properties and a front desk system for managing books, guest details, invoices and cancellations etc. The system allows integration and automatic updating on booking availability, pricing, allocations etc with all associated online travel agencies.

It also includes booking engine, third-party (online travel agencies) API connections and channel management.

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Mobile CRM for Financial Industry

Intelegain developed a Mobile CRM for financial industry which is accesible on android mobiles and tablets.

It gives you an ability to companies (banks, financial institutes, etc.) to perform variuos operation under sales modules and access various reports.

This application includes Productivity module under which user can perform operations such as Manage Activities – Task, Meetings, Export Activities to Google Calendar, Geo-tracking of device, Google Maps Integration of Contact / Lead and feature to work in off-line mode.

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Event Card Creation/Shopping App

Intelegain created a platform for users who want to create invitation cards for occasions along with they can also do shopping of different product. Also Provider/Vendors registered themselves on Farah platform to sell their product.

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Finance Manager App

User-friendly app to manage finances - both personal and shared. With an in-built expense manager linked to accounts, cards and assets, users have all the expenditures listed to share, merge or split with the right friend or group. While keeping a track of every financial move using intuitive reports, this app is also fun.

Plan meals with recipes from round the world according to the kitchen inventory. Adding items to the list for the next shopping spree is super easy. The app lets the user network to friends and go shopping with their gang with the purchases all tracked. Available on web, iOs and Android

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Online Shopping Beauty Store

Intelegain developed an online shopping beauty store specifically targeted towards the chinese market and offering beauty products.

Intelegain designed the UI, backend and cloud deployment for the website.

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Restaurant Management Application

BrandAWay is a web platform that provides users with an alternative ordering method, enabling them to order directly from the menu via computer, smartphone or tablet. Restaurateurs or Takeaway Owners can establish brand identity by providing a uniquely branded, professional platform with a range of benefits such as loyalty schemes, group ordering systems, and many more to their customers. As a complete solution, it provides separate menu, info about the restaurant, News and Offers section, Gallery and social media integration.

Telugu Christian Community App

Intelegain developed a Telugu Christian community app which helps one to reach out to every Telugu person who reminds and worships the hymnals. App is basically a online book consisting of church services, prayers, special services, hymnals etc. Hymnals audio is available as well and more will be added as and when it is recorded.

Users can use this app in any spiritual occasion as related hymnal book text is available here. Users can download the desired audio/hymnals to their mobile and can avail/enjoy the hymn offline. Downloaded music can be deleted from the device.

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Doctor Patient App

Intelegain developed a Doctor patient app which allows user to manage all records at one place. Searching for trusted and recommended doctors, diagnostic centers and pharmacies around user location is super easy with this app.

Filters available are specialization, distance from your location, rating, NABL accreditation. This app is available in both Android and iOS. This application is used extensively by doctors and patients.

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Livestock Consumer-Producer Marketplace

Intelegain developed livestock consumer-producer marketplace app for iOS, which makes the cattle producers meet the cattle consumers for their daily protein needs.

This unique solution will allow livestock producers to manage their livestock data and the marketing of their animals easily; provide a technology marketplace for livestock buyers there by eliminating their burdensome time and travel requirements; deliver a real-time, cost-effective, 24/7 auction; and offer users of the platform more direct interaction without any hassles.

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Point of Sale (POS) for F&B

Intelegain architected the iPad driven POS for restaurants to assist in taking customer orders for a Singapore based start-up company.

The app was primarily focused for use on iPads. The app features include inventory management, customization of table and order management, employee/staff management, and reporting and analytics. Other customizations included various dining options, discounts and coupons, order status updates and advanced search capabilities. The app is extremely user friendly for restaurant staff to get started with

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Mobile Stock Trading

Bw8 is a Social stock trading app on iOS and Windows. It provides combination of stock market quotes and breaking Reuters financial news & videos.

Other features include:

• Add stocks to your Watchlist • Buy and Sell stocks • Place pending stock orders • Check out your performance by viewing your Position and Account summaries • Stay informed with the latest headlines and stories from Reuters news

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Mobile Stock Trading Platform

Intelegain developed the mobile stock trading platform for this Dubai based business.

The trading platform is available on all mobile and tablet platforms.

The application provides analytical, research and trading capabilities on the app. It works with all popular stock indices across the world.

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Labor Management System

Intelegain built from ground up a comprehensive Labor Management System for a US State Police union. The application aims to act as a centralized software suite to manage memberships and data related to member's Personal/Work Information, Insurance, Legal Matters, Tasks and Fees Billing / Payments

The system helps manage members’ personal info, history, insurance, legal aspects and tasks. On the Employer’s side, it tracked the contracts and members’ compensation as well. With more than 600,000 active members and tons of information stored for the last 10 years, Intelegain overcame several challenges by seamlessly migrating legacy data from Postgres SQL to Microsoft MS SQL Server

7clounge website is a Bar and Restaurant website for the members of FOP Lodge in Philadelphia,

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Australian Travel Portal

Intelegain developed the popular Australian travel website

Intelgain was also responsible for the API integrations with different hotel listing suppliers using the affiliate model. Other integration included and

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Job Portal for Pharma Industry

Real Estate Website Development

TRBC Homes is a Wordpress website that we developed for one of our Real Estate clients. It is an informative web portal for searching and checking out majestic, professionally curated, and philosophically-driven architectural mansions.

This platform assists users with services including: purchase of a new home, home remodeling or repair, inspections and home services, property management services, renting, selling, title related services, credit repairs, homeowner’s insurance, etc.

Apart from the services mentioned, this real estate website also portrays the available and sold out properties, for the users in a nutshell.

Intelegain was responsible for creating the UI/UX for this real estate platform. TRBC lets its users browse an extensive gallery of attractive images, drawing your attention both interior and exterior of the property.

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Customer Loyalty Platform

Intelegain developed the Loyalty website platform. The platform is primarily built for all operating platforms desktops, tablets and mobiles.

The platform enables customers to promote and build customer loyalty and reward them for business loyalty and also manage business promotions.

The customer also has access to an app through which they can track loyalty rewards and take advantage of promotions offered by businesses.

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Custom Tailor E-Shop

HSTailor is a Singapore based online shopping site that offers custom designed men's and women's wear along with regular fashion store offers.

Intelegain customized and built the solution around the Magento platform. The site features several customisations in creating custom designs and 3D layerings of each aspect of a shirt, trouser etc. with different variations of collars, cuffs, pockets, hemline etc.

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Quickbooks POS Plugin

Intelegain developed a Quickbooks Point of Sale desktop plugin which enable users to make transactions via third party payment gateway through quickbooks saving them on the transaction costs.

Tools & Technology used - QuickBooks SDK, Intuit Partner Platform (IPP), QuickBooks Foundations Classes - ASP.NET, AJAX, JavaScript, SQL Server, ADO.NET, WCF - Web Services, XML, SOAP, REST

Quickbooks Desktop Plugin

Intelegain developed a Quickbooks desktop plugin integrated with Franchise order management which synchronizes Invoices, payments, Bills and Refunds for more than 2000 franchises across United states.

Tools & Technology used - QuickBooks SDK, Intuit Partner Platform (IPP) - ASP.NET, AJAX, JavaScript, SQL Server, ADO.NET, WCF - Web Services, XML, SOAP, REST

Safety & Environment Auditing App

DP World is a Safety and Environment Auditing app for iOS, Android and Windows platform. This Quality control and survey app for logistics companies, allows officers to record their Safety and Environment (S&E) related observations in the port terminal.

Add Comments and Follow-Ups, Upload Image or Video for inspection and Submit. Officers can also add comments related to S&E conversation and observations, as well as upload images and videos as their proof of inspection.

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Last Minute Hotel Booking App

StayQuick is a last minute hotel booking app developed for a Mumbai based client. This app was developed on Android & iOS platforms. This app lets you book rooms at affordable prices. It affiliates the users to book the rooms for 3 days from the current date and has a unique feature of tentative booking. It also has features like nearby hotels, recommended hotels, compare hotels etc. which makes the app very user friendly for the end users.

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Personalized News Application

Intelegain developed a personalized news application for the iOS platform that is easy to view, summarize and automate fully. The app makes your news consumption complete, limitless and comprehensive.

Its great design is compatible with iPad and Apple Watch. The app brings to its users an incredible reading view with a clean interface and a great legibility. Its article view offers a power packed summary (short form content), along with its long form content. With this app, you can explore the topics that really matter to you, and add custom alerts to stay updated all the way.

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Investor Relations Mobile App

Investor Relations app intends to help stakeholders stay connected with the brand. This app was developed for Android and iOS platforms. This app allows access to corporate image archives, multimedia features and regular news update.

Employees have listing and download access to various utility based sub applications and for investors it provides relevant information like schedules, share prices, quaterly presentations and much more.

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Timesheet & Resources Management App

A tool for management of time and resources. This Timesheet and resources management app provides a complete overview of how you utilize your resources across projects, cases, activities and departments.

Personalized timesheet that can be tailored to the individual organization. Get total time registration by employee, department, project team or the entire organization. The app is structured to accommodate a built-in report module. It allows to extract reports on all the standard activities required in a modern organization across its projects, departments and individual employees.

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Airline Food Review App

Airline Food review app is a photo sharing application for travelers who can upload, post, share, rate the inflight food pictures with other users/friends/relatives. Users can perform search activity category, keyword or route wise.

The app promotes discussion on the food that you eat on the plane. Also, you can post your airline meal photos with description including the airline route, class, etc. You can also write reviews of your food taste.

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Startup Evaluation Application

LightBox is a startup evaluation application to help early stage companies in India build world-class teams and products. It is like a marketplace where start-ups can apply for investments, and communicate with the venture capitalists. The entrepreneurs can use the LightBox plan management platform to connect with the VCs (Venture Capitalists) and submit their pitch. LightBox primarily uses the social networking platform, LinkedIn to connect and get started.

This web platform is developed in PHP, and Intelegain was responsible for its Dashboard and Database Maintenance, adding/ removing/ updating of existing app features and the Documentation work required.

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Project Ticketing System

The Project Ticketing application assists the Project Managers, Suppliers, Technical field engineers and Customers to monitor service order (tickets). It also assists in billing and asset tracking on real-time basis. The application was created for Ericsson on the iOS platform.

It provides you with the complete control over the invoice and cost approval process. You can also track supplier arrival on site or select suppliers based on kpi rating and work load. The ticketing system also keeps a complete history of everyone who touches a work-order.

Agent Management App

Agent management is a web portal developed for a Chinese Investment Company.

The application enables the agents of the investment company to manage their customer accounts that have invested through them. This includes referral points, earnings details, monthly rewards earned, withdrawal logs etc.

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Multi-store E-commerce Platform

The core objective of this project was to build a multi-store E-commerce platform to target retail merchants to setup their own stores for the Trinidad and Tobago market. Intelegain worked closely with the customer in building the platform and in the process understanding various merchants and end user expectations. The platform provides a store builder for small and large businesses to setup their own online stores. Intelegain focused a great deal on the user experience for the end user and merchants to manage their stores.

The platform brings all the registered merchants under one platform in an attempt to provide seamless and a happy online shopping experience to end users and enabling purchases from the products listed on various merchant stores.

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Event Management App

The app was developed for a prominent organisation in the UAE.

The app uses the power of social media and enables innovators and startups publish their ideas through presentations to be exhibited through events managed through the platform.

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RTO Management System

Intelegain developed a comprehensive management and administrative tool that helped systemize and simplify RTO operations ensuring conformance to Vocational Education and Training (VET) regulations and thereby helping them focus on needs of staff and students.

Features include Staff Management, Compliance Management, Documents Management, Customer Management, E-Learning, Business Records Management, Student Results Management etc.

The CRM enables greater staff participation, help drive continuous improvement, contribute to the creation of quality audit evidence and relieve the administrative burden on the RTO.

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Popular Travel Website is a responsive hotel booking platform with more than 550,000 hotels on its database. Intelegain is responsible for the UI conceptualization, Integration of travel API/XML, Development and Maintaining the website

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Hiking/Trekking MarketPlace

HikeDen is a Marketplace connecting Trek Organizers and Hiking/Trekking enthusiasts. With this web portal, all you travelers and backpackers can search the places of your interest and get the trekking results happening in that place.

This online market place is used for activities such as trekking, hiking, river rafting, yoga and lots more on a single platform. A user can explore and accordingly book one or multiple activities of his interest from its organizers.

The HikeDen platform strives to enhance and revolutionize the Hiking and Trekking with the focus on user satisfaction. This is achieved by improving usability and adding new functionality for a better user experience.

The web application provides a B2C (business-to-customer) solution that brings all the hiking and trekking organizers, as well as its enthusiasts together to fill the gap among them.

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Lenders & Loans Management System

Capital Group is a web application for managing tax collection agencies, lenders, and loans under a single platform. Intelegain was responsible for developing this application with a .NET front-end and an MS-SQL back-end.

The app functionalities include a Search feature for agencies, loans, parcels, lenders and contacts. Additionally, the Capital Group web app also provides its users with the ability to record quick transactions and display the transaction information.

Moreover, the app users can add agencies, lenders and loans, generate several reports, and examine events or tasks of Operations, Employees and Agencies. It also provides the users with the Advanced Search feature. The app will generate reports for Billing, Lender Verification and Specifics, Tax Bill Request, Escrow Memo Bill and ID Sheet, Escrow Balance Sheet, Pack List, Special Data and Agency Reports, Audit Reports and Searches, etc.

The Capital Group system also has Calendars for agencies, operations and employees to communicate information about tasks and events.

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Project Management System

ServiceAnt is a web and mobile based project management system focusing on construction industry. It gives the ability to manage project and track the hours and effort invested by the resources. Intelegain is responsible for building the app and web platform from ground-up including the UX conceptualization and development. Platforms: Android, iPhone, PHP, MySQL

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Fashion eCommerce Store

E-Commerce site developed for the Australian region using on the Magento platform.

Microsites Management System

Intelegain developed a framework that enabled create multiple micro-sites for Deutsche Asset & Management, an arm of Deutsche Bank.

The framework enabled creating and managing microsites for DWS mutual funds across Europe.

Marketplace for manufacturing companies

The website was an online marketplace of Engineering products and services and the companies providing them connecting the suppliers and buyers in the Test and Measurement equipment services space.

Payroll Application

Web based payroll application developed for the Caribbean market.

The payroll program is designed to pay employees based on hours worked or based on being a salaried member of staff (fixed pay for the month).

The entire application is configurable to manage PAYE-tax calculation, pension and group insurance, allowances and other payroll functions.

The application has been developed on the ASP.NET platform

Portfolio Management System

The portfolio management application enables users to track their equity portfolio and review their performance versus the stock market.

The functions include ability to create multiple portfolios, watchlist, review cash positions etc.

The portfolio is integrated with delated stock feeds from NYSE and NASDAQ.

B2B platform connecting Investors and Companies

Ridesharing App

The RideSharing app lets you find a ride, get in touch and travel together. The app’s primary advantage is that you can find a ride with a trusted car owner as well as save money on your travel, even at the last minute.

Along with finding rides, you can also offer rides to co-travelers. After sharing rides together, you can also leave a rating for your car owners. This will in turn boost your RideShare experience level.

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Travel booking platform

Valueworldtravel is a Flight, Hotel and Holiday booking platform. Intelegain created the architecture and design for Valueworldtravel. It was extremely important to visualize the direction and scalability of this project, keeping in mind that the portal would handle large eyeballs, leading to volume bookings. The challenge was to seamlessly bring together content and information from various travel industry providers.

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Fastener selecting app

Unbrako is a app that helps the company to organize information on various fasteners such as bolts, nuts, screws etc. all into a mobile application. It introduces customers with all dimensions of fasteners, nuts, and bolts, including its metrics to help them make an informed buying decision

Stock Trading Platform

Moneypot is a leader in stock market game simulations

The platform is a scalable virtual trading platform for colleges and university students, individual investors and corporate stock broking community.

The platform allows trading against the stock markets with virtual money and real-time stock prices in a social environment. Prominent features include Moneypot wall to share comments, stock recommendations, group chat on the trading floor, portfolio management and more..

The product has been white labeled for several organisations and private game creation possible. Several universities use Moneypot for their annual trading event.

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Payment & Merchant Apps

Intelegain has been developing software solutions for merchant services for over 7 years. This include developing software platforms to process transactions via credit card terminals, mobile devices or online virtual terminals. While being PCI-DSS compliant, Intelegain has ensured compliance to minimum security protocols while developing applications in the transaction domain

Processing payments on mobile, refunds, sales reconciliation recurring billing, e-invoicing, sync transactional data with QuickBooks, batch processing transactions and custom reporting are some important features in the entire suite of products developed.

Customer Loyalty Platform

Intelegain built a customer loyalty platform that aimed at connecting businesses and rewarding guests.

The platform enables Businesses to increase guest visits and related increases in Business sales and profitability through loyalty rewards and cross-promotions. It facilitates easy, automatic tracking of coupons, distribution, reporting and Cross promotion Alliances. The project also included development of the app for the iPhone and Android OS.

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Non-Profit Portal site development

Royal Rehab is a major outfit in Australia in Medical domain. It offers wide range of Medical & Educational services.

Intelegain helped build three website portals of a non-profit organisation in Australia that is into Medical and Educational Services.

The site was built and customised on the Wordpress platform at customizing several CMS capabilities, including online payments to accept donations, third party – ‘Prospect Management’ Integration, Live chats etc.

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Sales & Service Management System

This application was developed for an Australian business that specialised in providing and installing security products such as CCTV, intercoms etc.

The application replaced an old and outdated system to allow business owners' their staff to create and manage their day to day operations like staff, field staff, clients and invoices and tickets assignment to field staff

The application enabled field staff to update status of the jobs/tickets assigned to them remotely on their mobile by office staff on status of installation and delivery.

Other features include management of the product inventory

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Mobile Commerce for Retailers & Brands

MyMerchant is a Mobile Commerce app helping customers to place orders with various merchants under various categories like Bakery and take away restaurants.

Powered with a retailers/brands sectoin to manage their orders, inventory, Manage discounts etc.

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Nanny finder platform

Enannysource is a highly popular and fully responsive nanny finder platform in the US. The website facilitates matches between family and nanny by providing quick search for nannies and families on the go in your area.

One can create their profile on website, choose over thousands of Nannies, perform background checks and hire the preferred Nanny.

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Vehicle Insurance Platform

Intelegain is currently engaged in developing Autobox marketplace, a web and mobile app on PhoneGap that will allow users to buy vehicles and insurance. The users will also be able to send requests for Service Bookings to the dealers or service providers.

The different users of the system include Dealers, Service providers and Insurance companies who will have access to modules.

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Celebrity Information Website

Celebritorium is a one stop site to information about celebrities, celebrity Birthdays, Gossip, Look-a-Likes & more.

It brings all of the latest gossip and news from across the globe under one roof.

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Doctor Appointment Booking App

BDA is a doctor appointment booking app built on iOS & Android app for users to search doctors under various categories to book an appointment. With a database of 90,000+ doctors, Users have the ability to get SMS alerts, write reviews.

It provides fast & easy access to trusted doctors near you

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Researchbytes Wallet is an investor connect platform connecting Corporates with Investors. It reaches to over 6000 Institutional Investors (Buyside, Sellside Analysts, and Fund Managers) and over 3000 Non Institutional Investors.

The android app helps users to track Presentations / Conference calls & Analyst meets /Management Interviews/ Press Releases/ Transcripts at the touch of their fingertips.

It is extensively used by the Corporates & the IR agencies to reach out to Investors.

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E-Books App

247reads is a platform built on Web, iOS and Android for Readers, Authors and Corporate houses to enhance their reading and publishing work environment.

Provides Features like Read eBook, Rent Book, Send Gifts, Get Reward points and Authors can collaborate and interact with peers

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Sunlovr App

Sunlovr is a platform built on web and iOS for users to find Hot & Sunny places around the world.

Integrated with Expedia API to search & book Flights.

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Loyalty App

eLoyal is a universal loyalty program app built on iOS and Android. The app is built for Customers and Merchants to find nearby loyalty programs, connect, earn points and redeem gifts.

The core of this application is the backend where merchants can manage the loyalty programs and offer cross promotion programs.

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Investment Management Portal & App

Intelegain developed the Xintou platform for a Chinese Financial Services company.

The platform is an investment and financing trading platform for SMEs to provide professional financial advisory and capital inter-mediation services for the ordinary white-collar, middle class, HNIs etc.

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Real Estate Auction Platform

Intelegain developed 'Estate Agent Live, a web based application with versions of iOS and Android apps for Real Estate Agents and the end user.

The application allows listing and auction of real estate listed on the platform. The application was built for the Australian real-estate market.

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Instant Messaging App

Peeps is a Instant chat app built on iOS and Android. The app allows users to view/personalize their photo and news feeds.

User can do personal and group chats, getting notifications for incoming messages and alerts.

Intelegain built this app from groundup and would be live shortly.

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Point of Sale

Intelegain built from ground up, VaporPOS, a web based point of sale application on SaaS model for Vapeshop Merchants.

The POS terminal is responsive for efficient and user friendly access on Mobile & Tablet devices.

Some of the features included Integration with various eCommerce platforms like WooComerce, Magento etc.

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UI/UX for Video Chat Application

Intelegain developed the UX/UI for a video chat solution, a product that enabled video based live customer service solution that allows customer service representatives to interact with your clients over an in-browser video interface, giving a personalized, human touch to your customer service.

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Social Jewelry App

Intelegain is currently developing InstaJewel, a social marketplace app on iOS for Jewelry designers to showcase their lastest Jewelry collections.

The app is developed on native iOS platform. The work involved UI design and development of the app.

It allows Jewelry designers to publish their designs using the inbuilt photo editor.

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