POS Software designed to catalyse success

Running a restaurant is a challenge enough. Why add complexity? Intelegain’s easy to use POS software for restaurant manages your business remotely via employee/staff management, custom table/order capability, bill splitting option, offline functionality, loyalty programs, visual analytical reports, etc.


A sleek and modern built POS system that can handle all the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant

Value for Money

Help you make smarter decisions, maintain business operations, prevent theft and track your most profitable items


Your online shop, CRM, accounts, marketing, big data analytics and loyalty programs all in one system

Why Do Businesses Choose Our POS Software?

Finally a restaurant POS software that can scale with your business

Offline Mode

So that nothing slows you down, not even a broken internet connection


Analytics to tell you the best-selling items that attract the most customers

Simple Inventory Management

Update inventory, receive stock alerts and manage details like raw material quantity, prices and name etc.

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