Enterprise mobility management

Our EMM Supports

Work Profile (BYOD)

Work profile strongly promotes user privacy. When an EMM is configured to support Android Enterprise, an enrolment undertaken by downloading an agent from the Play Store on an already-set up device will initiate the creation of a work profile.

With a work profile, the end-user controls the device (parent profile) while the organization can only monitor & control the dedicated work profile.

The exception is the ability to enforce basic security requirements (passcode, debugging, etc.) on the device.

Using any common provisioning method with a supported EMM, a device can be enrolled as fully managed. A fully managed device is intended for COBO use, offering no personal account or application management by default and instead only permitting the installation of approved applications through managed Google Play. The organisation controls the whole device.

Remember! Fully managed devices require an EMM, both an enterprise wipe (retire) and a full wipe will perform a factory reset due to the EMM being removed from the device.

Single use can be many things: a point of sale device, a demo unit on a stand, a logistics scanner or a shared device in any number of settings. To enable COSU, the device must be provisioned as fully managed.

Once enrolment completes, the EMM may deploy either locktask mode or an EMM equivalent kiosk solution offering varying features, functionality and customisation.

The device will then lock down to one or multiple dedicated applications and not allow engagement with the underlying OS unless permitted.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Manager is a comprehensive mobile device management solution designed to empower your enterprise workforce with the power of mobility, by enhancing employee productivity without compromising on corporate security.

It lets you manage smartphones, laptops, tablets for Android and iOS devices.


Single console for complete mobile device management


Enforce stringent security policies


Track the entire life cycle of apps


Securely share, save & view document on devices


Configure, secure and manage corporate email


Separate corporate and personal data

360° Support for Enterprise Mobility

Seamless App Distribution and Management

Secure and manage the applications running on devices in your network with mobile application management.
App distribution, made easy
Effortless app distribution and management of in-house and store apps for iOS & Android
Manage your app inventory
Fetch granular app details and manage app licenses on mobile devices.
Run only enterprise-approved apps on the device
Lock down devices to run a single app or a set of apps with Kiosk Mode.
Separate corporate apps from personal ones
Maintain data integrity on devices by separating company work profiles from personal profiles.

Foolproof Security for Corporate Data

Fortify enterprise security with mobile security management
Remotely wipe device data
In case of loss/theft, geographically locate the device and wipe its data to ensure corporate data safety.
Detect & report high risk & non compliant devices
Easily discover jail-broken and rooted devices within your organization's network.
Secured access network
Safeguard your network with role-based device usage permissions and customizable access to corporate accounts.

Share Documents to Mobile Devices with just a Few Clicks

Remotely distribute and manage documents on the mobile devices.
Securely view and save documents
Access documents only using the trusted apps on the device.
Prevent third party cloud backup
Prevent third party cloud backup
Multiple file format support
Over 10 different document formats can be distributed and managed.

Manage enterprise owned and private devices

Separate corporate and personal information in each device so that there is no compromise on data integrity
Enterprise data is stored in an encrypted container
Prevent threats from accessing corporate resources on the device.
Provision selective accounts
Give selective access to corporate accounts like email, customize Wi-Fi based on employee needs.
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