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Intelegain is helping organizations switch on the power of the cloud to become more agile, connected and efficient.

We've helped many of the biggest brands transform their business, reduce costs, streamline processes and introduce revolutionary new services with cloud computing. From initial strategy to equipping a mobile field force, right up to moving entire data centers to the cloud – we have the expertise and the track record to ensure a smooth, low-risk transition for our clientele globally.

Cloud Services

Cloud Apps and DevOps

Businesses know that running your applications on the cloud help transform your ideas into reality. Intelegain services include end-to-end application development, API, microservices, integration, and DevOps services- all put into application by some of the best experts in the industry.

Intelegain has a decade’s worth experience in helping companies build business applications in the cloud as well as configuring web applications following the Cloud Standard Practice- simplifying their infrastructure management, deploying faster at a lower cost and increase revenue.
It has also delivered a continuous integration and continuous delivery service for fast and reliable application and infrastructure updates for a leading financial services company as well for an in-house HRMS system. Plus, automate deployments for all of its front-end and back-end services were also established, enabling their developer’s to focus on their product and worry less about deployment operations.

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Cloud Disaster Recovery Services

Intelegain in partnership with major Cloud Service Providers (i.e. CSPs) from all around the world provides a cloud based business continuity and disaster recovery services- helping organizations large and small to safeguard their production applications in the cloud.

Intelegain has helped major businesses including one of the top Australian motel referral groups, a Mumbai based educational institution and a leading home appliance company with data protection against outages and information loss with no effect whatsoever on company’s performance – keeping agencies in operation regardless of the cause of the unplanned outage.

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Cloud Migration

Intelegain Cloud Migration services help businesses accomplish a successful transition to the cloud with zero business impact. Bridging the gap between business demand and IT capacity, our solutions help identify and mitigate risks, improve performance, elicit robust, repeatable processes that result in business growth.

Intelegain offers comprehensive migration services and has experience in moving e-commerce infrastructure, CRM applications, web applications, documents, emails seamlessly from on premise to the cloud. We are especially proficient in providing migration services for organizations’ effortless transit to the Office 365 from any software configuration.

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Cloud Computing Security

Cloud Computing Security offers one-of-a-kind opportunities for organizations in need of reliability and cost-efficiency for their business applications. An all-inclusive approach adopted by Intelegain with a root level understanding of tactics, tools and attacker motives enable us to offer excellent support for all critical services and applications in a continuously growing security-threat environment.

Intelegain’s all-inclusive approach to Cloud Computing Security helped a leading consumer electronics company and a top educational institute enable their employees to access the corporate network securely and remotely via the internet without worry. With a next-level Virtual Private Network (VPN) and the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard for data encryption, the company provided its clients with complete data confidentiality and security.

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Cloud Readiness Assessment

Business everywhere are facing a stretch of cloud based services, thus there is a requirement of services that will manage them. Cloud Readiness Assessment services provided by Intelegain will help users identify which applications are good candidates for migration, take the risk out of complex migrations, find the best Cloud Service Models and much more.

Intelegain’s cloud consultants are well-versed in deploying all types of cloud platforms. Both big and small enterprises have been provided with best cloud technologies and strategies that have resulted in accelerated time-to-market, increased profitably, virtualized processes, improved utilization of IT infrastructure, enhanced workforce collaboration and more.

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Cloud Hybrid Computing

Sometimes the best environment for a workload is the one that combines the public cloud and the private cloud. Intelegain provides state-of-the-art hybrid cloud computing services which creates an optimal environment for critical data storage by harnessing the benefits of both the public and private cloud.

At Intelegain, our hybrid cloud computing services deliver Exchange Hybrid which provided users with integrated platforms, a unified management all the while using the robust features of MS Exchange. We have also provided with hybrid search experience throughout Office 365 and on premise farms like SharePoint. This has enabled users to take advantage of Office 365 capabilities while maintaining workloads on premises. We also have dabbled in Azure Active Directory and Database Management for Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure.

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Case Studies

Ventura, a major stock broking company gets a fail-safe hybrid architecture to move sensitive 100 TB data to the cloud.

Intelegain helped Ventura Securities fulfil a mandated regulatory compliance of storing customer call recordings of 5 years on cloud. This successful cloud migration was achieved with Intelegain’s hybrid cloud solution on real-time basis.

Hybrid Cloud DRS Security Migration
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Wonderchef, a top home appliances company migrated to Azure with 2 hrs RTO and 30 min RPO Business Continuity during Disaster Recovery

Intelegain helped Wonderchef move its datacentre successfully from AD on-premise Navision Server to Microsoft Azure during highest value transactions periods all the while avoiding any downtime during the productive hours and business continuity with DR support.

Disaster Recover Security Migration Hybrid Cloud
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A&A Consulting updates CRM to a secure Cloud based solution via custom-created AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Intelegain helped A&A Consulting with a successful deployment of their CRM solution to AWS via an Intelegain developed custom AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for a scalable and reliable infrastructure in order to tackle booming data volumes and increasing hosting costs

Security Hybrid Cloud Migration
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India OPPI, a major research-based pharmaceutical company achieves business continuity with migration from GoDaddy to Azure

Intelegain helped OPPI, perform a successful migration of their website and database from GoDaddy to Microsoft Azure with zero down-time during productive hours.

Migration Security
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Orange Identity, an Australian-based strategic branding company achieves increased flexibility and IT cost savings by migrating to Office 365

Orange Identity partners with Intelegain as their cloud partner to move to Office 365 helping in IT cost reduction, flexibility in delivering the newest tools to its staff, greater workforce productivity and collaboration, decreased infrastructure complexity and enhanced security.

Migration Security
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Corvi LED successfully moves CRM from on-premise to AWS Cloud with live migration

Intelegain helped Corvi LED, a consumer move their Customer Relationship management tool to a secure cloud based solution. Intelegain rose to the task to build a private Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for hosting the client’s datacentre.

Security Migration
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Intelegain helped Researchbytes, an Investors connect platform perform a smooth 1 TB data transition to MS Azure Cloud storage by fostering good DevOps practices.

An Investors relations platform was delivered optimal Azure Cloud storage solution with Microsoft TFS implementation to set up and manage CI/ CD - establishing a faster feedback loop by developing with best practices and DevOps principals.

DevOps Migration Security
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Desi Mechi, a Door-Step Bike servicing start-Up teamed up with Intelegain to deploy a scalable Web App using Azure App Service

Desi Mechi collaborated with Intelegain in order to a create mission-critical and highly scalable cloud web application hosted on Azure App Service that uses technology for the convenience of two-wheeler owners by providing them a transparent connection with high-quality vehicle maintenance providers.

Cloud Apps Migration DevOps
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